Vista Ultimate 64 vs 7 32bit

Hi everyone,
Currently I am running Ultimate 64 bit. Allot of my software will only run on a 32 bit machine. Is it ok and will I run into any problems if I install Windows 7 Pro?
I want to run my 32 bit apps without having to run Virtual PC for them.
Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Wait why are you using VPC to run 32-bit programs. Windows x64 can run 32-bit apps just fine, are you trying to run something custom and obscure?

Vista Ultimate 64 vs 7 32 bit

I was unable to load 3D Studio on Ultimate 64 bit and was told I would have to run it from VPC. I loaded VPC and then loaded my older version of 3D Studio just fine into VPC.

Also, I am running Office 2007 there so I can opne 2007 docs if I need to. I only have a license to 2003 and XP.


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That's strange, 32-bit apps should "just work". Also for Office 2k7, have you tried the compatibility pack?

I am talking about things not working on Vista Ultimate.

I want to get back to my original question. If I am running Vista Ultimate 64 bit on a computer, will it be any problem to install Windows 7 32 bit and have everything work ok when I change to a 32 bit OS from a 64 bit OS?


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Yes, but you can't just upgrade from Vista x64 to 7 x86. You'll need to do a fresh install and reinstall all your applications.

OK, thanks so much... I prefer to have a full copy anyway.


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No problem, be sure to let us know how it goes!

Also something I just thought of, you're not just upgrading to 7 so you can have a 32-bit OS aren't you? You do know your Vista serial will work with 32-bit Install media.

No... I have just had so many problems with Vista and want to get away from it. I have another box that I installed 7 Ultimate on and love it... no issues with my other packages other than 3D Studio.

my son got windows7Professional his computer would only support 32bit, this computer could run 64bit so he put the windows7 64bit on this our home computer which he owns, but a message comes up that the activation key is not valid as it is already in use, WHY can windows7 only be used on one computer, Vista and XP could be used on three home computers, WHY NOT WINDOWS 7, it does not say "can only be used on one computer" if it did we would not have bought it as we have three computers,
my son tested windows 7 for Microsoft last year and was not offered a penny off it when he ordered it on line

does anyone know if Microsoft is going to let us use windows7 in more than one computer without have to pay for a new key each time????:mad:

You must have the OEM copy of Windows 7 which is only permitted to be used on one Computer (this has been the same for previous versions of Windows), if you do decide to change machines just give Microsoft Product Activation a call. But you can't use it on more than one machine at a time.

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