Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Service Pack 1, Driver for Printer Olivetti Any_Way Photo Wireless Plus


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Re the above-captioned, installed and used printer successfully on Windows XP 32-bit. Now am running above-captioned Windows version and cannot use printer, since drivers that used to work in XP do not work in Ultimate anymore.
Company had released a version for Vista, which however did not work on Ultimate, reason being it was a 32-bit driver, which obviously does not run on a 64-bit system.
Such a pity as printer which is also a scanner and photocopier has hardly ever been used, besides it is also has bluetooth and wireless connectivity as well.
For the record I tried running Ultimate as the host system, running XP through Oracle's virtual box, but still cannot get the damned thing to work, so I will eventually scrap virtual box and XP system, altogether as I'd rather have just one host system running.
I am relying on someone's help in resolving this issue by finding either a driver that I can use or else some other advise in getting my printer to work, as I am so lost without it, and need it badly.
Vowed that next time round will stick to another more common brand and will not do business ever again with Olivetti.
Look forward for any help please.
Much obliged


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If the Visa driver does not work not much you can do. Even the big boys like HP & Canon did not provide drivers for older printers that worked in Vista & 7.
As far 32bit to 64bit drivers it should not be a factor I don't think.
Did you try a a second download to just make sure it was not corrupted.
I assume you got the driver from Olivetti, if not get it from there.


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Agreed, typically if the manufacturer does not have a driver you are SOL. In some rare cases if you can determine the printing protocol used you may possibly be able to use some other driver, but you have no guarantee it will work or not be buggy. If you are using it wirelessly on your network you could scan the printer with nmap You can determine some protocols based on the ports open on the printer. 9100 is for raw printing common in HP printers. 631 is for IPP printing common with CUPS (Unix/Linux printing) and 515 is used by LPR