Windows Vista Vista Update Downloader 1.8.1 Alpha

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    Vista Update Downloader Alpha is a FREE program which downloads updates directly from Microsoft. All files are very useful with vLite!

    • Addon Support (Phase 1) - Phase 2 is direct integration
    • MSU Files
    • Language Packs
    • Update Packs!
    • Office Updates
    • Ultimate Extras (Tinker, Dreamscene, Hold 'Em, etc...)
    • Extras (Hyper-V, Windows Search 4.0, etc..)
    • Convert multiple MSU to CAB
    • Convert multiple Language Packs to CAB
    • Can also retrieve cab files from already downloaded updates to integrate with vLite :D
    • Over 200 files available to download!
    • Much much more...

    The latest Alpha release partially supports addons, it can automatically create silent installers and then integrate them to your disk so when Windows Vista installation has completed they will be silently installed!

    The Alpha release also has many new functions like improved MSU to CAB Converter, Language Pack convert which can now convert multiple language packs, new downloader, Theme Manager, new Tinker Ultimate Extras, Multiple Update Packs and much much more.. So try the new alpha :)

    Download: Vista Update Downloader v1.8.1 Alpha
    Link: Homepage


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