Windows 7 VMWare Workstation 8: Innovation Improved


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Take a look at the new version of VMWare Workstation and you will have no doubt in your mind that Microsoft's Hyper-V offering, which was formerly only available in Windows Server 2008, will be negligible for serious virtualization users when the time comes to upgrade to Windows 8. VMWare Workstation 8 provides up to 50 new core features, including the ability to share virtual machines, connect to the VMWare's vSphere, and perhaps best of all, support even better 3D Graphics Acceleration. VMWare Workstation 8 is also uniquely capable of running leaked builds of Microsoft Windows 8 as well as the recently released developer preview that has found itself in the hands of a hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Look through this and see that VMWare Workstation could be the product of choice when bringing businesses under control: a simple image can protect an enormous amount of work while the main system can be locked down. This is the essence of VMWare product in a corporate environment. But VMWare's speed, compatibility, and general awesomeness far exceeds solutions like VirtualBox or Hyper-V. There's simply no alternative if you're serious about virtualization.

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