Voip install

Hi friends,

I am trying to install voip on my laptop. I am using windows7. When i run the setup file, it just goes to not responding. No matter what type of voip i try to install. Could someone please help me out? Expecting suggestions...


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what voip program you trying?

teamspeak , ventrillo , skype???



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you can try and see if other programs do install, ther are no reason why a setup wouldnt start,

personally i would see if any other type of setup would install (non voip) if this does install then try another voip program such as skype

if no installation will install then you no its not an issue with the setup files and maybe a incorrect setup on yourpc


I could install all other programs except the voips... And I tried installing many voip clients such as jumblo,smartvoip etc... Skype got installed perfectly...


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skype is voip

therefore this must indiciate something wrong with either the installation of the other files or incomplete download

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