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Volume Mixer in Windows 7 is very very annoying. I have been trying to disable it due to the issues it causes when playing games and running Ventrilo at the same time, or multiple programs at the same time. I have set the Volume Mixer to give both the game and Ventrilo or the accompanying program I am using with for example Windows Media Player, and both get muffled and auto-reset back to a low volume setting. I.E. it shows a "Ghost"(translucent) bar where I have it set, but then a bar that is solid at a minimal setting of about 10% effectively muffling Windows Media Player and Ventrilo.

This becomes even more annoying especially when playing a game such as Left4Dead and having Ventrilo running in the background. Each map, and lobby connect I have to alt-tab to revert the sound in the Volume Mixer back to a suitable level for both. That means each map switch I am Alt-tabbing to fix my sound settings, they are not saving. My ultimate question is, is there anyway to disable the Volume Mixer, or is there a way to make the settings stick?

I hate the default mixer too.

They really messed up with the sound in W7. Is it the same in Vista? It doesn't even have a slider for Wave audio anymore.

The first time I tried to adjust volume levels in the mixer with Media Center minimized, the sound went so crappy I had to reboot. Total distortion.

I have a SB Audigy 4. I updated the drivers to the latest Vista drivers, and the problem seems to have gone away.


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It still is doing the same thing. I have updated my drivers manually for my sound card using the latest Vista drivers for said Audio device. It no longer is freaking out with Ventrilo's sound settings, but still I have to alt-tab constantly from a game on every level switch to fix the sound settings that keep reverting a low level setting while having a "Ghost" Bar where my settings are supposed to be set.

It almost seems like it is trying to create a double sound setting for it. Such as it is trying to muffle the game when I hear something on Ventrilo, but it doesn't revert the sound back to the correct level when the "muffling" is done.


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I take that back, the issues are still there even with correct video drivers installed.

It still is cycling back to a very low audio setting on each map switch/change in program volume levels. It also is effecting Ventrilo, which is doubly annoying. The fix stated by hitting the volume up key on the keyboard also is not working.


I figured i'd update this post to at least have a record of the ongoing issues with the Volume Mixer...

Also to ask again. Is there anyway to install another Volume mixer that will supersede the basic windows one, canceling it out and also allowing the volume settings to stay the same?

Try this

Try this,.

Go into the sound in control panel. Pick the communication tab and turn of "reduce sound" function. I set it to "Do nothing". That seems to fix this problem.

Did some more testing. Seems to the problem. When Its set to "reduce to 50%" if reduces game sound to 50% after loading. Turning it off seems to help

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Absolutely correct!

Default setting is to reduce volume when incoming communications are detected.

Change the setting in your Control Panel -> Sound -> Communications tab to "Do Nothing"
(See attachment screenshot)

I just cant get over the fact that if Volume Mixer is open and you open and close applications, sometimes it does not update, sometimes there are blank images and sometimes you have to reopen it for it to display the correct applications and volumes.


volume mixer in windows 7

Hello I know this is a little off the subject but I am wondering if any one can tell me if it possible to add a minimize button to the windows volume mixer in windows 7, I use it a lot so it would be better than just closing it every time.

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I just want a way to minimize the mixer window! While I miss being able to control say the level of all midi's for example, and I hate having to go through a bunch of windows to enable the mic for another example (like everything else in win7), but I would be almost happy if I could just minimize the dang window!
The people who designed this OS should be shot, but not killed, then it would stop hurting and they should have to suffer as much as we are!

I've come across the same issue. I've done some research and this forum seems to have the best explanation of the problem. When programs are closed windows volume mixer does not remove them. Then when the same program is re-opened it shows the program multiple times. I have to close volume mixer and re-open it in order for volume adjustment to work on the correct application or at all. Has anyone found a fix or perhaps an alternative program to use in place of the built in volume mixer? I'd like to find something that is easy on system resources and as easy to use as the built in mixer.

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