VPN connection problems as a power user

I am having problems getting VPN connections to work for power users, details below:

- Client machines are domain computers (2003 domain funct lvl), running Win7 pro (64bit)
- Users are domain users, with power user, and network configuration, local machine membership.
- UAC has been turned off (as vpn connection dont even show with it on, for admins or PU's)
- This is using the windows builtin vpn software.
- The vpn server is linux running pptp (but that part works fine)

I can configure the vpn, either as admin or as power user. Making sure to select the allow all users option. And when logged in as admin I can make a successful connection.
I have eventually got the vpn connection showing to power users (initially it would not show on the "network" task bar icon). But when clicked it gives no response.
If I go to Network and sharing centre\Change adapter settings, I can see the vpn connection (even when it was not visible on the network icon (as above)), selecting and clicking connect from there, results in the following errors:
First: Network Connections: Your user account does not have permission to use this connection. Usaully, this is because you are logged in as a guest.
error 5: Access is denied

After "ok" that message, I get:

Error Connecting: You do not have sufficient privileges for configuring connection properties. Contact your administrator.

Obviously the machine is off the domain network when I try to make the connection, but the account is a domain account. I have looked through both local and domain policies but dont see anything obvious to either allow or block this.

Any help would be appreciated, as the last thing I want to do is have to give all our vpn users admin rights.

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