VPN with windows 7 (both ends with router)

Hi there. I think the title says it all, but here goes.
I'm trying to setup a vpn connection between my pc and a friend's pc (to play lan-games).

So, i've setup my part as incoming connection on windows 7, and opened port 1723 on the router for my pc.
He setup his part. He can connect. It appears as a connection on my network and sharing center, saying that there is 1 client connected. A new connection appears, with his name and user, that i've created for this purpose.

if I double click on this connection (with his name), it says that ipv4 connectivity is not connected, but that the media state is connected. Ive configured my incoming connections item stating that the ip will be given out thru dhcp, and that each client can determine his own ip address.

Now, he tried to set his own ip address, it still appears on my pc as connected, he gets the ip he wanted, but it still says here as ipv4 connectivity not connected, and states from his side that the server ip is APIPA (the 169.254 range)

What am i missing?



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Is it encrypted?

what is encrypted? the connection? is it possible?

right now, we're trying to connect via remote desktop, and that also is not possible.

we both have configured our routers to allow rdp and vpn connections on napt.

ok, got it. i've tried making it the other way around. now my friend configured as server, and i connected to him. I can see what you meant by encryption. it is set as "require encryption".

still, no luck. i can connect to his pc (it seems) but i still get the no ipv4 connectivity message on his side, and can't access his home network or his pc.

any ideas?

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