VS 2008 and VSS 2005


I've been unable to get VS2008 and VSS 2005 to play nice together on Windows 7. They worked fine on XP. I have downloaded and installed the CTP that is supposed to enable this.

VSS works fine on its own as does VS2008. I just can't access the source control features from within studio.

Has anyone gotten this to work?


BTW - this is Windows 7 Enterprise, 32-bit.

Working, sort of

It is working after a fashion. I cannot open projects directly from VSS which I used to be able to do. If I do a checkout using VSS client and then edit with VS2K8, I get VSS features.

Very clunky. I am most likely going to move us to Subversion (using Visual SVN Server) and a VS Plug-in. That works quite well.

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