W 7 Backup hangs at 57%


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I am backing up to an external hard drive. I'm using windows 7 backup program. I have tried 3 times to backup and it always hangs at 57% complete.

Captain Jack

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Hello !!

Check this article and follow the instructions for Hard driver Diagnostic Link Removed - Invalid URL so we can make sure nothing is wrong with Hard Drive. Are you backup the entire hard drive or few folder ?? Try using third party applications like this one Link Removed - Invalid URL

Seagate DiskWizard/Maxblast - you must have at least 1 Seagate/Maxtor drive. You can make backup images of drives/ partitions manually. There is no scheduling. There is no file/folder backup. I found it large and heavy on resources - but hey, it's free.

Macrium Reflect Free Edition. Images Drives / partitions - allows scheduling , mounting and restoring individual files from the mounted image. There is no separate separate file/folder backup with the Free Editon. Extremely small, fast relatively light - I have found it totally reliable.

Paragon do free Drive Backup Express version on their website - does a good job and is reliable - but very limited features.

Hope this helps,