W7 x-64 build 7048 - 2 major probs on 2nd computer

Hi everyone
Got 2 nasty probs with build 7048 I installed (from scratch) on a 2nd computer

1) Can't map 'Computer". Previous releases would list all the drives etc on the machine. This build gives me a green bar at the top (like when you click Network) -- takes ages and doesn't show any drives.

2) In windows explorer if I create a new folder and rename it -- name reverts back to "New Folder" and if I try and rename it to the name I tried to give it before I get an error -- plus the actual folder is nowhere to be found.

3) This machine crashes when you try and run the Windows Experience Indicator -- crashes out at trying to measure CPU performance.

4) Control panel gets stuck in "Adjust your Computers settings"

This machine has 16GB RAM, and a Quad core processor so I don't think it's a lack of computing power that's causing the crash.

OK whilst the build seems a bit snappier it's not as stable IMO as 7022 so I'll just wait I think for RC1.



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Jimbo my friend, I think you have another corrupt installation issue.
Where did you get your ISO from? Thailand? lol

Hi there
No this one was a "semi-official" build -- I'd probably have done better getting one from a Torrent in China.

I've posted another issue -- Windows Media Center - won't let me change the 2nd box in the Postal Code when configuring a TV card to download the epg for the area you want the TV programs for.

Think you are probably right -- I'll trash the whole 7048 stuff until the RC1 -- my 7022 installations are just fine -- was me being probably too eager to try out the new build.


I'm waiting on the RC too. Seen the daily builds and quite frankly I don't want an unsanctioned headache. I can't wait for the 64 bit RC. The piece meal builds seem to be driving people nuts!


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I've had no problems with 7022 or 7048.... I get all my ISOs practically directly from the source however, and when they come in at 800+ kb/s, I don't really care that I'm downloading all these dailies when the RC is so close. :)

But to each his own. :p

Jimbo45, I have W7 bild7048 and I can't find that issues you've post

I am also going to wait for the RC.. ;) I'm eager to try the new daily builds but I can wait another month.. ;)


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I have 7048 from source. I am having the same experience as Kyle. Apart from some trivial issues, I am , as I said on another thread, really finding it difficult to "bug". There are ceratinly a coupleof things I would like to see changed, but I would not classify those items as faults.
In, I think the 5th or 6th day now. All my software (32 and 64bit) installed and running 100%. Adx far as I am concerned, if MS would authorise it (lol) This will remain on my computer as my main, and one and only, OS.

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