W8 mail client choices


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Quick background: I'm a Mac user looking to transition to Windows (using Parallels emulation software). I'm going to start with Windows 8.1 Pro, so all my questions will be based on these parameters. I'm a graphic designer by trade, working for myself in a small home studio and I collect software like Charlie Sheen collects STDs.

But enough about me!

Right now I'm wondering if there are any email client choices other than Outlook? What are the best, in your opinion and why?


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wow! Krita looks like it might give Painter a run for its money. Looking forward to playing with that a bit.


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Microsoft office boils down to “do my clients use office?” … if the answer is yes then you do as well.
Other options are pdf… as a designer you probably have access to adobe cloud already so that’s my recommendation or you can use Libre and ‘save as’ a rich text document… your clients with MS office should be able to open them.


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Most of my contact with clients is via PDF proofs and email. I've downloaded Libre and it will definitely come in handy for some longer writing tasks, and the flow-chart tool looks quite intriguing. I generally run away screaming from presentation software, so that will languish unused, but the other items could be quite handy.



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Hey there! My name is Lynxis and I also use Windows 8.1 Professional. It's a great operating system! It has some network issues here and there, but all can be fixed with the trusty command prompt. I like it better than Windows 7, as long as I have a program like IOBit's StartMenu8 to give my start menu a bit more customization.

Anyway, for a mail client, Thunderbird is pretty nice! On my mobile device, I usually use Outlook, but it's up to you. Also, for painting, I don't think Krita is worth downloading if you already have Corel Painter. My friend has Corel Painter 2017 and it looks SUPER nice. I look forward to purchasing that software in the future.