Windows 7 Warcraft III Reign of Chaos/TFT

I recently installed warcarft 3, reign of chaos, and the expansion, The frozen throne. When I click it, and hit play, it says I need driect X.

Now I know win7 has direct x 11, is that too new? It asked for 8.0 or newer, so im not really sure.

Any solutions, or is this game just not able to be ran using win7?


Any solutions, or is this game just not able to be ran using win7?
Warcraft III is compatible with Windows 7, but I'm not sure about the DirectX issue.

Here is what my error message says exactly.

"Warcraft was unable to initialize Direct X. Please ensure you have Direct X 8.1 or newer installed and that you display drivers are current."

And suddenly as a fully read this, I realize that I may have found the issue....

Nothing on my motherboard works since I installed win7.... nothing on board, like my vga, sound, USB's work... but not video and sound... So I had to put in a shitty PCI slot card... not PCIe... just a shitty one, dosent even have dedicated memory or anything...

If thats the problem then I need to figure out how to make my motherboards shit work...

First of all it sounds like you're using it on your main system. It's RC/beta, why? Lol. Some people can, but they work out all the lil bugs easily enough.. Some are just unlucky really. My sound had an error and the service wouldn't start at all. My suggestion? Clean install of W7 if you haven't done too much to it. D2/Warcraft 3 have issues installing with me, complains about the same crap you get, + even running in compatability it dies trying tocopy .mpq files whilst installing. I'm working out the issues now and I'll let you know if I fix them..

I got 7 RC and I have WC3 +TFT working fine.

have not done anything to it, it installed fine first time.

Update on mine.. It was my DVD drive playing up. D2 and War 3 TFT all work perfectly. No issues at all. =)

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