Web browser crashes when trying to upload a file (after installing Win 7 SP1)

3 days ago, I installed the new Windows 7 SP1; and installation went just fine.

but when I tried to upload a file from within yahoo mail, IE8 crashes as soon as I click the "Choose file to upload" button. Actually, I do see the applet, but then it crashes on cmctl32.dll. This also happens on other site pages, where you can upload files, not just in yahoo mail...
Checked numerous support pages, including sfc /scannow, reregistering the dll (get a "DllRegister Server entry point was not found"), some other stuff I forgot, but no luck.
I even installed Firefox, and evt IE9 hoping that this would solve the problem, but no cigar either... They all crash on the same thing!

One person suggested to run IE with Admin rights, and yessiree, that does solve the problem, but it is a bit of a pain, since you always have to remember doing that. In the mean time, I've created a batchfile w/ admin rights so I only get the UAC warning, but at least, that keeps me going... (anyone who knows a way around that, let me know)

I expect that more users will come across this, and report accordingly; which evt should give us a KB update.

As a sidenote: I also thought that this could have been caused by an application I installed/removed during the weekend, but this morning I decided to restore my original installation (from a Ghost image), and had everything updated again.
Just to make sure, I first tested the upload action if that worked again; and it did. Then I installed win 7 SP1, and IE started crashing... (Crashing like in: click upload button, and then closes the session and reopens that last-opened page)

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