Windows 7 Web Camps TV #10 - WebMatrix Beta 2: Themes, Package Manager, NuPack, HTML 5 templates and more

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    This week, Jim Wang from the ASP.NET team and James Senior talk about WebMatrix Beta 2 and take a look at some of the new things—the Theming helper and Facebook Social Plugins helpers—that make it easy to add functionality to your websites. Additionally, we take a look at the Package Manager included in WebMatrix, which makes it easy to download and use helpers and templates—in fact, any assets—when building your websites. The Package Manager uses the new NuPack package management features, which have recently been getting a ton of buzz on the Twitterverse.

    Handy Links:

    1. Download and try WebMatrix Beta 2
    2. Learn more about WebMatrix at a free Web Camps Training Event


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