Does anyone know of a good Webcam?
Logitech gave my computer the Blue screen of death because Ihave WD Hard drives and could not take out the WD programs to install Logitech’ssoftware with the help of Logitech’s tech support.
Microsoft has the worst tech support I’ve seen in a longtime. I called them up and I got transferred 9 times and the tech that washelping me didn’t know anything and just wanted to do a remote on my computer “Donethat before”.
HP has noise background
Any suggestions?


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There are tons of webcams to choose from but without a budget, without knowing anything whatsoever about your computer (except guessing it is an HP and you are running some version of W7), or the purpose of the webcam, I would not know what to suggest.

However, I gotta say, it makes no sense you having Western Digital hard drives would have anything to do with Logitech software problems. The Logitech software may have caused the BSOD, but it was not because you have WD hard drives. Something else is wrong there.

HP has noise background? Don't know what you mean by that either.

Do you have a full retail License of Windows? Or did your Windows come pre-installed on your computer? If it came pre-installed then it likely is an OEM license which then makes the computer maker responsible for providing Windows tech support. Not Microsoft. Though they should have told you that up front - and not given you a 9-point runaround.

If me, I would totally uninstall your current webcam software and try again. If unable to uninstall, try installing it again.

Have you scanned for malware? Checked Device Manager for errors?

I spent 8+ hours on this and with a Logitech tech. Call Logitech up and ask "Would WD cause problems with your webcam?" That way you can get it from the horses mouth. I never expect anyone to take my work for it. I have malware software. I have gotten the BSOD from Logitech 6 times. I guess I'll have to get a Microsoft Webcam and if I want tech support I'll come back to forums like this one.

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