Website is slow, most times "waiting for "url" "


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I recently setup a new server with a website, so i can learn windows server 2008

I am using a desktop computer, it's a quad core 8 gig of ram,

I've used xampp before on this computer and the website runs fast, I also had the website on my ovh dedicated server online and it runs fast,

There is no traffic on my website it since it is new. So i'm thinking it's a problem with windows server 2008,

The problem i am having is that quite often when i visit my website it does not often load, it gets stuck on
"waiting for ................."


this is a screen shot from the browser waiting to get the website info

i wait and wait and wait, and it does not load the website, alot of the time i have to refresh it and it finally works

it's really annoying

i'd say 90% of the time it loads, and 10% it doesn't load,
It's a php script, which i've ran in different linux servers,

what could be the problem? why is 10% of the time not getting the website from my home server,

windows server 2008
8 gig of ram
php 7
mysql 5.7

and ideas?


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I would start by looking at event logs and also wireshark the web traffic from both ends. Filter for http and upload the captures for analysis


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is there a proxy server between the 08 server and the router... also is dhcp on the 08 server or the router or both?


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I looked at the even logs but didn't notice anything strange, Although i'm not sure i would recognize it. I'm not sure what wireshark means. I don't know how to filter for http :(

There is no proxy between the server and router. It's just a normal setup. DHCP is set to automatically on the router. There is no DHCP install on the server.

On thing i do notice is, If i browse my website using the ip, it is super fast, no slow , no lag,

using my servers ip i never have problem browsing my website

if i browse using the domain, then it's super slow

am i supposed to add the domain name in the server settings somewhere?

when i setup the server , i just upload my websites files to the wwwroot, and it was online, it didn't ask me anywhere to enter my domain name: example:

is that normal?


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wireshark is a program to capture the network traffic Wireshark · Go Deep.. Is this server local and do you have a DNS server. It sounds like it's having trouble resolving the server's DNS name then.


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The server is local, i have it installed beside me next to my main computer, i think think i have a dns server install in it,

at the moment this is how it is:

domain registar , , i put in cloudflare dns in settings, in my registar website, example:

cloudflare, in dns settings, i put host, server, , webdisk, all pointing to the IP address of my server, example:

in server: i opened up port 80, put the files in wwwroot, and it works 90% of the time

thats all i did, am i supposed to put the domain settings in my server somewhere?

i don't see any settings anywhere,

this is the error i get


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Are you using an static IP address (Public) or dynamic and if it's dynamic do you have something setup to update the DNS entry for your web address? Can you ping the webaddress or does it fail? Do you have a port forward setup on your router for 80 to your server.


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Also from your image,it looks like your server isn't responding in a timely fashion to cloudflare. Error 524: A timeout occurred


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I am using a dynamic ip address. A normal ip that my isp gives me.

But i never turn off my modem or router so my ip has been the same for the past couple years.

I am not sure about the DNS entry, I don't know where to input that in windows server

I can ping the website and it works fine, no packets lost

I have port 80 open on port forward.

what about edit binding? this is the only option i found, i don't know what else to do



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Here are something you will want to test.
  • Can you access the site from the the internal IP address consistently?
  • Can you access the website via your public IP address while off your personal LAN?
  • Do you have a DNS record setup with a DNS host company for your site? (DynDNS would be an example DNS host)
  • Do you have Dynamic DNS setup since you do not have a static IP?
  • Have you registered your site with search engines so that it can be found by other people?

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