Weird Icon continually generated on desktop

Every time I log into my machine I have this icon on my desktop. I have a fresh install of windows 10 and this is the second time I have booted it up. I dont run any crazy weird software and only use this machine for work. I cant find anything online about it.

"xxxmyIconxxx3undefined" is what it is titled

when I open with notepad it says


IHDR ;0®¢ gAMA ±üa cHRM z& €„ ú €è u0 ê` :˜ pœºQ< bKGD ùC» pHYs ÒÝ~ü >IDATHÇíÖÍ‹OQðMŒÈÎÛønÙ]”b¦Ô(×”’²“ÉBŒ‘YY2¥„«¦(c¤Ôµ™ÅýÆKÔY0ÅXœ3Åp_~^V|w·ûœç{¾Ï9çy¾üÇü%,j”æe»0„›Ð‹¼@Û˜(²äË!Nór/Îa×ñ¯ðk±ÛqK1\dÉØ/§y¹—1€Ó¸SdÉ\Mü"ìÇŒãD‘%³]GÒ»ñÿÁ"KfÚ”/®íÅ
mkØDчçMÄv´%n‰xÚD|‡Z$›Äٖćp§‰xËÓ¼ÜӐ¬G›cžÂ¬&ŽCü.Ç^Û”xuÍ¿\æóæ j,^Å:Yò¹eI¿]¿Xp$oŠ,9ò³˜ª±x\pci^®Òbü–áXU\“G·äŽuí@$Ü‹óø„kBï*²d&º-“9Užù-ϵ€¼#Œ¶y—¹+ñ^hó.óa[—ùïá+¿ÍÅ-x(>¹ IEND®B`‚

when I change the file name to a png it looks like this:

how do I stop this thing from generating? or figure out what is generating it.



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The ihdr code is corrupt... delete the file then run your system under a malware scanner.

p.s It's not normal to see any png_get_uint_32 in pngread.c code in a windows machine... does your workplace use a lot of (open source) linux?

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