What ARE all these files on my system drive?


My question was, and continues to be, not concerned about user files, application files, or any of that. It's just about what, if any, files and/or folders can be deleted from

windows/winxsx which is using just under 7GB
windows/installer which is using almost 5GB

do not touch these folders or any sub-folder in the Windows directory. If you wanna clean wipe do it by clean installing 7. Other than that use the Windows DiskCleanup tool to remove slack.


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Interesting why do you only use 60GB of a 250GB HDD do you have multiple OS installations on the same HDD

as stated above you can delete everything in the windows\installer folder "but" when the time comes to uninstall something you may run into errors trying to do so

also for shits and giggles open up C:\users .>> find your name right click it and choose properties

mines 66.4 GB (71,382,899,455 bytes) at 16,068 Files, 1,651 Folders


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And, for explanation, Winsxs contains all the files, etc, which handle compatibility. If you are running anything other than pure Windows 7 designed programs, you will encounter enormous problems if you delete any of the contents.
But even with your stated use of your PC, It surprises me that you are worrying about space with 6½ Tbs of Hard disk! But I guess none of my nosey business.

Lost me on this one:
"Windows may ONLY use 16GB total, but I've got four windows directories that
are using almost 20GB by THEMSELVES..... " A little of a contradiction in there?

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alot of whats in my winsxs folder seems to be there for localization of either AMD64 drivers and system files or x86 system and driver file not much in the way of previous OS compatability stuff at all more along the lines of language dependent descriptions

like this taken from here C:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_adp94xx.inf.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_en-us_7d4dd7ec25670124\adp94xx.inf_loc

the first line states this

[Strings.0409]<< US English hardware ID
INF_PROVIDER = "Adaptec"
ADP = "Adaptec"

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