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Hello, I have these folders in my C:/, are the system created/needed or?



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You must have the hidden and system files set to view. Recycle.bin, is fairly descriptive, Boot is the boot folder needed for booting, and Recovery is probalby an extra folder placed there in case of a system problem.

I would not delete any of them..

A good rule of thumb=if Windows put it there, Leave It Alone! It's just that simple.

Turn you attention to getting rid of the Temporary Internet Files and the other junk.

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restore them from the recylcing bin!

if u want to get rid of internet cookies and temp internet files at a quick process

download " CCleaner"

its amazing and quick

If you're going to use CCleaner, make sure that you have a full backup of your C: drive first.
I ran that program twice, over several years and both times it trashed my OS so I couldn't even boot up again.
I had to do a full C: drive restore with Ghost to get my drive back.

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