What do my friends here use for a bookmark manager?


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I'm in the market for a bookmark manager so what do you all recomend? Price is no biggy I just want what works best with Windows 7 IE8. Thanks.

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No miracles with IE8... Think of Firefox or Opera.

Take a look at XMARKS.I don't know if this is what you're lookig for, but it does work in IE8.


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Oh yes thats just what I wanted. Basically something that would ensure the bookmarks are backed up and a for sure way of being able have them to load into another browser should I decide to try one. Thank you.

Glad I could help.


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I would like to add a comment here. I am a little surprised at the fact that apparently not as manay people use a bookmark manager than I thught there would be. I hate redoing things and I don't see much point in typing the same thing over and over again, so I guess I thought there would be more people who use one. They are definitely handy. Also I have often wondered why a better more complete bookmark manager is not part of the browser itself. Guess I would have thought that makes sense also. Oh well, guess I learned something about this subject.

I use opera and with the sync function all bookmarks are uploaded to their servers, so if i setup a fresh install I sign in with sync and opera restores all my bookmarks, and if i use another pc or laptop i sign in with sync and all my bookmarks are restored etc ...........

I just love Opera :cool:

Once in a while I manually export my IE bookmarks to a file.

IE > File > Export/Import

1. Within Internet Explorer, click the File menu and Import and Export.
2. Within the Import and Export window click Next.
3. Click Export Favorites and click Next.
4. Select the folder you wish to backup; if you wish to backup all favorites, leave the Favorites folder highlighted and click Next.
5. Select the destination you wish to save the favorites and click Next.
6. Click Finish.

ickymay said:
I use opera and with the sync function all bookmarks are uploaded to their servers


I just love Opera
Give me a five, Icky. :)

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