Windows 8 What does "nothing" actually mean?


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Another question regarding upgrading from XP to Win 8.

There is a point in the upgrade process where it asks what you want to keep -

Just personal files

What does "nothing" actually mean? What I mean by this is, does "nothing" format my C partition and leave the rest alone, or does it nuke everything it sees? The upgrade process is very good at providing no information on what it's actually doing behind that blue screen.

What I ideally want is a clean C partition with a new install of Win 8 and for it to leave my other partitions and drives alone.

On the flipside, what does "Just personal files" mean? Does it just install Windows 8 into a new C:\Winsomething directory and not touch the rest?

Would be nice if Microsoft actually published what these selection actually do rather than assuming they know what's best and we really don't need to know.

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In this instance nothing means that anything from the former installation eg: Your files and folders, will be removed.


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On the flipside, what does "Just personal files" mean?

That would be anything in your "User" folder, Pictures, Music, Videos, etc:

You would still have to re-install any programs, customizations, etc; in either scenario.


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Thanks, but what I was looking for was if anybody knew if it wiped or formatted other drives. I have two disks, one with 4 partitions (C, D, E and V) and another with a single (F). I don't care if it wipes C, in fact that's what I want it to do. Just don't want it to wipe the others. But the upgrade process doesn't give you the choice of where it goes or what it formats, just "Just personal files" and "Nothing". Once you hit the "Next" button it just sits there with the little circle spinning. Maybe if I left it longer it would come back with more options or choices but I just feel nervous about selecting "Nothing".