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Hi! I'm always wanting to learn. I feel like I'm fairly knowledgeable about Windows, but I know nothing about hardware. I would like to know a little more about the basics of hardware. I have read about over clockng and it is way over my head. I understand you push your CPU and Ram to perform faster then the manufacture intended, and not the way it sent it out by the manufacture. I also understand if you don't know what your doing; over clocking can brick your PC. I think it would be great to know how to do this procedure, but I can't ever see me wanting to do this procedure. I'm not a gamer and so I see no reason for me to over clock my PC. It really seems like to me it's a challenge, for those that like to take every thing to the limit. I suppose it could be fun, but might be a pricey way to learn this procedure.
Any way, these are my thoughts. What do you think about this over clocking procedure, that seems to be a gamer related thing to me. If you know enough to over clock, then you should know enough that it can cause BSOD. So way come on this help forum and ask for BSOD help when you have your PC over clocked??
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Don't know

OK You're a do it yourself-er. You want to build your own rig and you want to save a few bucks. So you go with a cheaper mother board.
Then you decide you want to play all these games on your new rig. So you go on the web and learn how to over clock your new rig so you can play these games. Good for you! You bought a cheaper MB and over clocked it. Now you can play these games.
Have I got that about right or am I just full of it?? I'm only have half a colon, so I'm only half full of it!:rofl:
Just a little boring on the forum tonight and it makes me crazy:D:eek:
PS If you decide to fix my voting screw up, you might also put a (i) in clockng!:ohno:


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Basically when a chip is created (any chip) it goes through a process called 'Binning'. Chips are tested to see if they will reach the required speed needed for that batch. Say they (the manufacturer) want 3GHz chips then anything below that is obviously no good (these chips are often sold on as lower clocked parts). Any chip running faster than 3GHz is of course fine but some chips in the batch will run a lot faster. This 'headroom' can be exploited when the user overclocks and each chip is different.Some overclock better than others and you'll sometimes see the term 'silicon lottery' used as it's a good description.
Overclocking was quite a dark art at one time but nowadays manufacturers have woken up to the fact the users like to tweak and have made it a lot more accessible. There's still a lot that can go wrong however and the best tool you can use is knowledge.
Read up as much as you can on the subject.
Get to know your system inside out.
If in doubt, stop.

There are lot's of guides out there as well as dedicated overclocking forums, joining one of these can be a huge help.

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