What is the best security anti virus that I can use in Windows 8*

Maneet Singh

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I am using Windows 8* version and have tried various security anti virus but it seems like all are not working properly. So let me know what is the best anti virus for windows 8* that I can use.

Maneet Singh

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Thanks Kemical,
I had just visit on your recommendation link and found it different from my last experience. I will try it as soon as possible and thanks for your great help.


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I concur with Norway; I like Avast and I've got it running on about 150 customer computers.:up: The majority are free version users, and I've got a 99% success rate with it combined with Malwarebytes as above and some additional secondary protection from TrendMicro such as RootKitBuster and RuBotted which keep your computer from getting rootkits and bootkits. If you're not familiar with these types of infection vectors, they are some of the nastiest viruses around as standard AV's such as Defender, Norton, and Avast often can't detect or remove them.



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As ussnorway wrote, Avast is great antivirus. I am using it on Windows 10 OS and had been previous using it on Windows 8.1. No problems and recommended.

You might want to tweak it a bit however eg disable popups and few other things.


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I prefer Webroot Secure Anywhere, it uses behavior, cloud analytics and sand boxing to detect and stop malware. It has 100% detection rating, it's extremely fast and has a tiny memory and storage foot print.