windows security

  1. N

    How can I permanently disable Windows Security Real-Time Protection?

    If I switch it off in Settings, it just helps itself to turn right back on the next time I boot the computer. I read that Group Policy editing is necessary to permanently disable it, but I have Windows 11 Home (not Professional) and can’t seem to access that function. Does this mean I am...
  2. Raul Chiarella

    (Win Server 2019) Slow Read/Write network shared files using SMB protocol

    Hello there! I have a running Windows Server 2019 used as a File Server. He is having a problem: When reading/writing files via network share (SMB Protocol) the request takes a long time to complete... This is happening on Office 97-2003 files, PDFs, Solid Works archives, and some other...
  3. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Windows Hardening Guide: Finding and fixing unquoted services

    Applies to: Windows Vista and newer Description: This tutorial will help illustrate and fix Windows services that have unquoted ImagePath registry keys About Vulnerability: The ImagePath data value contains the path to the binary associated with a given Windows service. By leaving them...
  4. simoncks1994

    Windows 10 Windows security popup - Wireless in different user account

    Hi, I have created two user accounts. Both of the account will need to connect to the same WiFi eventually. I set up and connect to the WiFi in account A. But whenever I try to connect to the same WiFi in account B, Windows Security pop outs and asks for my account name and password (Domain IP...
  5. M

    What is the best security anti virus that I can use in Windows 8*

    I am using Windows 8* version and have tried various security anti virus but it seems like all are not working properly. So let me know what is the best anti virus for windows 8* that I can use.