Windows 10 Windows security popup - Wireless in different user account


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Jun 14, 2017

I have created two user accounts. Both of the account will need to connect to the same WiFi eventually.

I set up and connect to the WiFi in account A. But whenever I try to connect to the same WiFi in account B, Windows Security pop outs and asks for my account name and password (Domain IP also required). The problem persists even if I logged out account A / restarted my Windows.

Interestingly, if I delete my WiFi settings and set my connection in account B this time, account A will now face Windows Security Login instead of account A. This problem exists regardless which WiFi I use.

It is very troublesome to delete the WiFi setting everytime I switch account / sign in. Is there any problem to fix it?

Is this a home grade wireless router, or enterprise authentication and if so what type?
If it's asking for a username and password it's probably some form of WPA/2 enterprise and depending how it's configured, you won't be able to save credentials for both.
So what you are suggesting, is that indeed I cannot have both accounts connected to the same WiFi without going through Windows Security Login?
Possibly not, it's hard to give you a better answer without knowing what tech they have in place and authentication protocols in use. Their systems may not allow for multiple sessions hence why you can only login with one user account at a time.
I tried connecting with multiple laptops before and it worked. Therefore, I believe it is something more related to Windows 10 settings instead.
Umm. I see. In that case, I shall try to connect with multiple accounts on another laptop.

Thanks for your advice. I will update later.
I tried it with another laptop in Windows 7. By far no problem is encountered. I think it is Windows 10 specific.
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