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(Win Server 2019) Slow Read/Write network shared files using SMB protocol

Raul Chiarella

New Member
Jun 23, 2021
Hello there!

I have a running Windows Server 2019 used as a File Server.
He is having a problem: When reading/writing files via network share (SMB Protocol) the request takes a long time to complete...

This is happening on Office 97-2003 files, PDFs, Solid Works archives, and some other extensions.

Things i tested:
1. HARDWARE - HD, NIC, CPU, Memory. All returned good and positive results... No phisical problems
2. Network: Internal connection and external is OK. Low latency. No loss.
3. Tried accessing those files LOCALLY only - Problem didnt occur.
4. Created the SAME structure using ANOTHER server on the same network - Same OS (Win SRV 2019) with even the SAME BUILD! Problem DIDNT happen.

So, basically this problem is just happening on that specific server. I have no idea on what to do Link Removed
Does anyone went through this and can give me a little help? A light on the end of the tunnel ... Link Removed

Thanks in advance...
Have you tested the network throughput and disk performance?
Try forcing it to use a different smb version.
Also look at the antivirus.
Or the most obvious option would be rebuilding your file server on top of a new virtual machine. That seems to be an easy fix, actually.