what is vista checking for video experience values


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I have a new sys that all is rated over 5 in windows experience index except my Nvidia Geforce 6600 that is a lowley 2.8 what is windows using as a reference on the cards and any one know a good card to use for vista thanks for any help.
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Microsoft is still working on the grading system and declined to provide details, other than noting that "the idea behind the Windows Performance Rating is to help average consumers easily understand their Windows Vista PC's overall performance, and to simplify the process of determining whether certain software applications will run smoothly based on their system components."

Cnet had a good article on this as well:
Will your PC keep pace with Vista? | CNET News.com

Ive heard Nvidia is planning on putting out a budget DirectX10 card in March. Might be worth the wait.

Budget gamers listen up. Before you spend your life savings on a new 8800 GTX video card, you may want to wait for Nvidia's new midrange 8600 cards, which are rumored to be out in March. The 8600 GT, which will have a 350MHz core and come with 256MB of RAM, will go for about $150. Other cards like the high mid-range 8600 Ultra and the entry-level 8300 GS will go for $179 and $79 each. The pricing and release date aren't official, but even if they're somewhat on the mark, we think they'll be worth the wait. – Louis Ramirez
The specifications on the GeForce 8600GT and GeForce 8600 Ultra have been revealed with respective price points at an great $150 and $180 USD. When launched these will be the cheapest DirectX 10 compliant cards on the market.

The prices are really competitive and will most likely drive the price of DX9 cards way down significantly. The launch date for these cards is about the same as for when ATI will launch R600, that is, around CeBIT at the second week of March. I do have some doubts about the validity of these specs as there is no valid source .. but if it's true (and granted it looks like it), including that photo of the XFX card .. that 8600 Ultra looks really nice. And that GT ... that looks like the sweet spot for a nice overclocking card for sure. - Guru3D


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Thank you Gatman very helpfull and informative links all the best

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