What means WLAN "limited access" ?


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In a hotel I connected to the local WLAN.

Sometimes Windows 7 WLAN Systray tells me at this time "Limited access".
The signal strength is (officiallly) good.

So what means "Limited access" in this context?


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Being at a Hotel, when your connected to their web-service, you'll need to go through their authentication protocols to gain full access to the web.

Right now you have access to the internet but not allow on the internet. Each Hotel/Motel authentication process is a bit different. You will need to contact the front desk for actual procedure.

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Here is a little more definition to elaborate upon what Bassfisher6522 is stating.

When you connect to a network. You are always connecting to two networks simultaneously. Which are an intranet and an internet. When your message popped up and said you had Limited Access that means you have access to the internal (intranet) network of the hotel but not the external portion of the network (internet). The external portion is what you want to explore and surf websites, check email, and to search for whatever on Google, etc.

The intranet allows access for (but not always necessarily because they could be password protected -- especially at a hotel) other peripherals on the network: printers, external hard drives and disc drives (DVD / Blue Ray burners & players), scanners and USB devices to name a few.

Hope this helps...