Windows 7 What will happen to the win7 beta


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Jan 14, 2009
I'm planning to install the win7 beta on a secondary disk drive creating a dual boot option between win7 and XP. If and when Microsoft releases the full version of win7 for retail public sale, what do I do with the win7 beta on the disk? Will installing the full version overwrite or upgrade that beta?
Or would you have to re-format that disk wiping it clean.

From what I understand, when installing the win7 beta, it makes an entry in the XP boot.ini file making the boot.ini no longer necessary. If in the future I wipe the win7 beta drive clean with a format, wouldn't that make a boot-up into XP impossible?

Most likely microsoft will make people do clean installs instead of upgrades. I would be surprised if they gave out an upgrade to the beta testers because the beta is all over the torrents and anyone can download it and then get the cheaper upgrade.

Removing 7Beta will not cripple XP.
& as iroken said, you'll have to do a clean install. Not just because it's better, or the beta won';t upgrade, but because Aug 1st 2009 the beta expires, and the final isn't due out til months after that.