Whats a good Vista compatible AntiVirus program?


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Please help.


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My recommendations for free anti-virus would be AVG, Avast

You could also try Kaskpersky, NOD32, Norton. Nod32. All becoming Vista compatible.

Jim Haynes

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BitDefender can also support Vista but is currently in Beta. You have to create an account however:

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Go there for an ever building list of compatible software for Vista. Has sections for pretty much EVERY sort of software.

Antivirus For Vista

Hi All,

I am Tharun, proud to be a part of this Forum,

Here, i would like know which Antivirus make me work faster in Windows Vista and comparatively perform better.

Thank you,

:) Tharun

Vista has decent security apps. AVG or Avast! complement it nicely (even the free ones). Both options are light on memory.

System Mechanic is other good one to use with windows Vista I would have to say that it is the best one that I have tested & used plus it is better the norton a lot better then norton. But if you are looking for a free one then AVG is real good you can download it at Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews - Download.com

Peace out.


Justin Mee

a better question....

Is there anything compatable with vista?


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Re: a better question....

Just all those mentioned above! And you point? :rolleyes:


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Norton antivirus and Webroot. The two combined is excellent protection. (But now Webroot also contains a virus protection program). Window Sweeper is an excellent program for recovering space used by temporary program notes and what not. Cleans out echos from imprints of previous programs on disks. Erases better than Windows all dealings made on the internet.

I have had great success with Trend Micro PC cillin Internet Security 2007.
I also Run Web Root SpySweeper at the same time. They compliment each other very well.


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For me it's got to be AVG for anti virus and Ad-Aware for malware & spyware. Both are free and both work together well.


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Hi Everybody, the Norton program was recommended for my computer by HP. I've never questioned it. I have noticed that they are intrusive... I fixed my Spy Sweeper after I installed a new driver and chip set, that's been ok. I installed Messenger 8.5, no problem with Norton. I started having problems with Norton after I activated my WI-FI. Spy Sweeper picks up the Cookies after I use it- no problem. Norton sticks during the middle of a full scan and won't turn off when I ask it to. Suddenly it cuts and can't find anything wrong. I can't turn off my computer without cutting power. Spy Sweeper will cut in during Norton's scan and say that two programs are trying to re-write my host's file and that I should block if I don't know what they are doing. Anybody have this problem?? Sincerely, Celestra


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I stopped using Norton about 2yrs ago. As you say Celestra it's far too intrusive especially if you like playing games. Norton may be good for the workplace but for the home user.....?

I use to use and brag on trend micro, I've used it for over 5 years and the last 2 upgrades 07 and 08 it got very intrusive. I had game issues, local network issues, and God forbid if you had to install it !!! Anyway a friend of mine suggested Panda and so far I like it.

Nod32 from ESET gets my vote. Very light on resources, rated highly for the amount of stuff it catches and very few false positives. Not intrusive.

Had an annoying false positive, the an aspx program being run by Outlook Connector was identified as adware. Fixed by ESET within a couple of days. Tech support not quite as fast as I'd like, but when is it ever fast enough?

Solid program, I recommend it.

Panda has got to be best for the buck i have ever found i have used it for years

i suggest Panda Internet Security 2008 as it is a full protection system.:p

Hi all

Everyone has their own opinion regarding what they consider to be the best.
One thing for sure is that "big is not always best". By that I mean Norton & McAfee, although best known by name, do tend to "take over"the running of your rig and can be annoying at best.
We all would swear that the security software that we have installed is the best because human nature would not let us admit otherwise.
For myself I have used Panda, Kaspersky and free anti virus AVG & Avast all without any problems. At present I am using BitDefender and finding it as good as any. Do a bit of research and find what suits your budget.!!!


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Hi!!! I took Spy-sweeper off to see if I get better performance on my computer. (I'm not sure that the version of Norton that they gave me is special about spy-ware protection). The later versions are OK, but I'm stuck with the prior. Does anybody know about CD Earth Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection ? It's part of a library I'm building of freeware. I can't use the disc until my subscription runs out.

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