What's New on Windows Forums for November 2015!


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Well good news here for another update on WindowsForum.com:

Over the past few months, we have been short on updates, mostly because they have involved the backend, which may not be immediately noticeable to many members.

This is a very similar circumstance we find ourselves in today. However, do to the sheer number of updates, an effort will be made to document them here:

  • The database server was updated to the latest version.
  • Our global content delivery network now supports HTTP/2 implementation.
  • The web server software was updated to the latest version.
  • PHP was updated to the latest version (many times over the months).
  • The entire main system kernel has been updated. This required a reboot today.
  • The forum software was updated, which included new features, and quite a few improvements.
  • Subsequent forum software updates included bug fixes and some minor tinkering and changes.
  • OpenSSL and many other server-side services were completely updated in this process.
  • The resource manager, media gallery, search index, and other related forum add-ons were improved and updated.
In The Future!
  • We expect to be able to launch a major new release for WindowsForum.com mobile apps within 1-2 months. This will include major UI improvements and better usability through Tapatalk.
  • We expect to improve our reputation within the greater Windows community with more efforts geared towards that purpose.
  • We expect to attract other power users that can help answer some questions for people who come here and need help, expanding our online presence overall.
We hope you are happy with the website, which has maintained an online presence, now, for years, and continues to go strong.

Thank you so much for your support

Mike Fara @ WindowsForum.com