What's This A ll About??

Hi here's a alert that I received from the forum!
What is this all about. i suspect it's a FP, but thought I better report it.

I have never seen this warning before! Anyone else seen any thing like this?? Should I report this or ignore it??
Thank you!


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I would look at the email header info. Did you subscribe to any of the sub forums? You will get email alerts if you are.

I have not changed any thing! I've been getting email alerts every sense I've been on the forum. This is the first warning I have seen.
I don't have a clue. I have received hundreds of emails from the forum. This is first time for this warning??
It's probably nothing, but thought I should report this.
Thanks for your reply. I know nothing about email header info!

Hi I do not have a clue what's going on. I have reported this because I thought I should. No one seems to concerned here, and I have no idea what else I should do , so I'm going to hit the sack and check this latter.
Thank you!

I guess I'll report this to Google and delete it. No one seems interested. Very strange behavior IMHO!
First time ever for a warning like this from forum emails. Oh well!!


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I'm interested, but I can't tell you anything without the email header. Most likely google incorrectly flagged it. This can happen if you get a lot of emails from the same address.


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Click, Allow and select Ignore, I trust this message.
Gmail made a mistake, Gary.


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No one seems interested. Very strange behavior IMHO!
As I said in the pm earlier when I see Mike I'll mention it unless he see's this thread beforehand.

OK! Should I keep the email?? I know you were interested! Thank you! I'll keep it for awhile.;)

Hi! Thanks everyone. I do get a ton of emails from the forum. I use to get 10 or 15. Now I get 30 or 40 a day and more then that some days
Seems to me the action on the forum has really picked up. I'm thinking one little reason, is because of all my friends that followed me here.
Thanks friends. This is a great forum I just started a new thread." This Is Getting Ridiculous"
I'm going with "Google made a mistake because of the volume of emails I'm getting from the forum"
Thanks guys and gals!:up::worship: You are appreciated!

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