Windows 7 Whats your opinion of windows 7 chess?


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Jan 15, 2009
Avid chess fan and haven't had time to play the chess in windows 7. Is it any good. How do you like the graphics? They looked difficult to see on my screen?
It looks good but I have not been able to concentrate on the game as I have had troubles with Fallout 3 and cannot play until I finish my business with that game because I cannot concentrate until I have release.
IMO, it's one of the best 3D chess games available. I'm a very novice chess player, so being able to "beat" the computer at this game is a very rewarding accomplishment for me as I've had my ass handed to me too many times by chess computers over the years where I've been totally turned off by the game. I like that it has several levels you can progress through.

I've downloaded several trial-ware chess games and I don't think any of them can hold a candle to the graphics of this game. I know there probably are some that look better, but at least it doesn't cost you anything extra with this game. I never installed Vista so I guess I missed out on the game.
the only novelty in chess was the moderately fun "Battlechess" series...which made the most boring game after minesweeper interesting for a few days..although the same were given a nice combat battle between pieces when taking them....often funny in the style of monty pythons holy grail..

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I've never bothered with it myself.....More of a Backgammon man really...
I love chess, but this game is ridiculous! as soon as win 7 chess computer player is on a losing battle it calls remise! Even in situations where it's clearly just checkmate as the only option as remise should only be called when neither player can move without causing checkmate...not whenever it looks like the computer is losing and just calls a draw so it won't...even if you ignore it and try a different move it just calls remise as soon as it realizes it's losing!

Also even if you can strike with your king if it's not a pawn the game won't let you strike it even if the move doesn't put you in check position...if you can strike with your king you're allowed to!

Microsoft should really fix these glaring flaws in their game. It's just not enjoyable if the computer player just cheats its way out of losing. I have 100 games played and all of them are remise when there are exactly 2 that were actually by the rules remise as neither of us could move in one case and we both only had our kings in another case. The rest should've been my victories not draws! I could easily have won each of those had the computer not decided that his only having a king left means a draw -.-

But then their card-games cheat I'm not surprised that they create a chess game who'd rather call an unfair draw than accept its loss with dignity like a real player would.

The graphics are nice though and it's a very nice touch that you can chose from where you wish to look at the board. I prefer looking down on it as opposed to at it from the side or an angle. I'd like some more atetic settings, more choices in the style of the pieces for example or the board? Maybe an idea for a later version or something...but yeah would like for the game to not cheat my out of a victory all the time...
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