Windows 7 Where are the microsoft games?


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Using Windows 7/32 pro. On a PC used for Video editing. I can not get games to work. I have tried "Where are my games" and others in that vein, but unable to load and make games work.

My games folder does not show any games.

When I try Start - Games - Explorer the games start to turn on games, and it then stops with an error message and no changes are made. I have followed the video of how to do it, but no use.

Can anyone make any suggestions please?


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Not sure what video you watched or where. But if you are talking about the integrated games that come with Windows 7 then.....
appwiz.cpl into the search or run box and hit enter
in the left column choose turn windows features on or off
then select the Games category by putting a check in the box, you can expand it to confirm that everything is checked underneath it.
OK your way back out of there and you should have your basic games working.
Keep us posted.


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Similar route as I have been using, but still no good, I get the error message all have not been installed.
When I Start - Games - Games Explorer, there are still no games displayed.

The video I watched is in Where are my games? The lady says games should now be there. Not.

Where should the Games folder be displayed? Is not on my C drive that I can find.

I just seem to be going round in circles and getting nowhere.
Beginning to think the chase is more interesting than finding the games.
Oh Well. Thanks for the suggestion


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Typically your game shortcuts should all be here
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games
Game install path is typically here
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games
and or here
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft Games
This is what microsoft has to say if you aren't seeing any games, which is pretty much what I've already posted
Install a game in the Games folder
At this point I'm questioning your install media. What was the source of your media? Retail or OEM? Upgrade or custom clean install?


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Is there a difference between OEM and RETAIL?
Your question made me take a look at the disc and it is OEM ----- only for new PC ----
Somewhere I read there was. (Games my not be included?)
If that is the case, how do I correct the situation?


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As best I can determine Windows 7 Games are included in both the Windows 7 Pro retail and oem disks, however, a lot of OEM factory installs are highly customized to produce an image which is subsequently used to generate installs on PCs going out the door for sale by different manufacturers. Did you do the present install of the OS that you are using or did the PC come with Windows pre-installed?
Have you tried just for the sake of experimenting, removing all of the checks from the boxes under games in the "Turn Windows Features On and Off" and and clicking OK and then rebooting the computer and going back in and re-checking them and clicking ok and see if that produces any better results.


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As far as I can remember I did this install myself so it should be good. Hmmmph
I have tried your suggestions in "Turn Windows Features on and off", and this makes no difference,
I still get the error message and saying that some of the features have not been installed.
In my book that means none.

I will keep working on this as I am sure there is an answer somewhere, probably an Operator Error.
If I find the answer i will post it here.

Many thanks for your suggestions Much appreciated.
bye for now.

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Just for the heck of it, would you run the system file checker
STart Orb->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt (right click and choose run as administrator and type
sfc /scannow
let us know if it produces any results


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Did so and ------------------ did not find any integrity violations.

Still the same
C:/ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games and nothing shows.

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In a search of my computer, I find I have whole bunch of CDF-MS files.
Does this have something to do with my missing Games?
They seem to have been generated about the time I have been trying to install the Features.

Out of curiosity I installed the Virtual XP machine, to find that those games are available there.
When I go back to Windows 7 they are not available.
My curiosity is satisfied, but I still wonder at the difference, on the same machine.
XP - Games - Show the games
W7 - Games - No games
Same PC

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