where has my memory gone?

Since installing WIndows 7 memory has been disappearing. My C drive indicates 6.51 GB free and 139GB used. The total of the items listed in the C drive only around 22GB. I need to regain the use of the missing memory and to stop the disappearance before my computer becomes unusable.I also have a Seagate external drive. Memeory has also been disappearing. A Seagate partition is keeping a stable amount of memory.Why is this happening? What can I do to fix the problem?

Nobody answered the thread so I continued on my own.

I went to allexperts.com and posed my question.

In less than an hour I received the solution to my problem.

I downloaded the free Treesizer programfrom Jam.com. Treesizer showed all files and the amount of memory they used.

I found almost all of the missing memory was in the db files of my Seagate Replica program.

I Googled Seagate db files and found that others had experienced the same problem and simply deleted the earliest db files.

I deleted all db files and suddenly my C drive memory was restored to normal. Seagate had been storing all restore information.

I now have to regularly dump db files.

I hope this helps someone.


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Sorry that no one posted faster. allexperts have been around since 1998 so you can imagine how many experts volunteer there... Anyway, glad you found a solution and thanks for posting it which will benefit others.

I personally use Folder Size. (Freeware) It's great. Just choose the drive and click the "Scan" button. You have B, KB, MB, GB buttons as well that will change the display on the fly. Nice GUI too. (Graphical user interface).

Folder Size - Freeware file size analysis. Check the directory sizes, folder sizes and file sizes on your computer with this freeware tree size analysis tool.

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