Windows 10 Where is Folder Options ?


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Nov 3, 2009
In the Win7 Control Panel there was a way to access "Folder Options" and hide the protected OS files.

I have now upgraded to Win10 and it shows protected OS files and does not hide the extensions for known file types. I would like for those files to be hidden.

I have looked in all the Control panel files in Win10 and can't find a way to change the "Folder Options".

Surely there is a way for me to do this.

In W10 desktop, right-click on the White Windows Logo (used to be the Start Button in W7), find and click on File Explorer (used to be Windows Explorer in W7). Next click on the VIEW tab. View tab will then show a Ribbon Bar at the top of the File Explorer screen. On the far right of the VIEW Ribbon Bar, you will see 3 checkboxes to the left of the OPTIONS select box. You'll notice all 3 boxes are unchecked. The default in W10 is for System Files to be hidden. Checking the HIDDEN ITEMS box, brings them back where you can see them again.

You'll also notice the FILE NAME EXTENSIONS box is unchecked by default in W10; which means those are turned off when you start W10. To enable or turn them on so you can see them, you simply click on the checkbox to turn them on so you can see them. In your case, you just leave that box unchecked (default) and you'll never see them.:)

On that same VIEW Ribbon Bar, on the far right end, you'll see the OPTIONS select box. You can click on the drop-down arrow and you'll see a small menu; you can click on the first item CHANGE FOLDER AND SEARCH OPTIONS, which brings up the FILE OPTIONS box, click the 2nd tab, the VIEW tab, and you can scroll through the ADVANCED SETTINGS options and get more granular selections of how your files are displayed. The checkboxes in that list do the same thing the checkboxes do on the VIEW Ribbon Bar, but provide you with a few more special options which you shouldn't need most of the time. The first 2 paragraphs above explaining the 2 checkboxes on the VIEW Ribbon Bar, will take care of the questions you asked in your Post. There are a few more that might prove useful so that's why I mention it to you.


Thank you! That took care of it.
The reason they were shown was that I needed to copy some hidden files for backup before installing Win10 and forgot to hide them before installing.

You're welcome! Glad we could help!:up: