Windows 7 Where is the clipboard


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Feb 11, 2009
Sorry if this sounds like a noob question but can any one tell me how to access the clipboard. Ive never had to use it before but i've just used the snipping tool and aparrently it gets saved to there, or at least a copy does.

Doesn't matter.


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Jan 25, 2009
The way I use Clipboard is copy what I want (usually from a webpage or document) by highlighting, then right-click with the mouse and choose Copy, or by using the menu buttons Edit > Copy or by using the hotkeys Ctrl + C. Then open the appropriate application to paste it to. For pictures or images I use Microsoft Paint, and for text I use Wordpad or Notepad (of course you are not limited to just these applications). To paste from the Clipboard I right-click and choose Paste, or use the menu buttons Edit > Paste, or use the hotkeys Ctrl + V. I am not sure the clipboard itself is made to be viewable.
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