where to sell a vedio card

Brian Berthold

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dont know where else to post this

so i ended up getting 2 GT630's (Gigabyte) from my parents for my Bday and well they are not SLI card its to big of a hassle to drive the 50+ miles to return it - beside ebay which i hate and Craigslist does anybody know where i can sell this card?? it was 70 bucks if i did drive there i would use almost 20 bucks in gas so im looking for about 50 bucks or 60 bucks shipped to the lower 48 states
I live in the UK so perhaps can't help you on the selling front but why not mail it back to the store? You'll get your full refund minus posting.
I'm in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe, I won't be more of a help than kemical.

You must have some net-auctions over there? Or just put a topic on some site? You're bound to get it sold, but the price you get may be a different matter.

And, it's VIDEO card. :cool:
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Not the worst of ideas, as such, but since they probably have those cards for sale already, they will hardly pay practically anything, in cash. One option would be exchange: get some other IT stuff in exchange. That might give you the best value.