Which add-ins are really necessary for Outlook 2007?

I was having "data file could not be read" problems all of a sudden when I started Outlook 2007 (started today). Running scanpst found errors are made fixes, but did not solve the problem. Doing a search revealed that some people had good luck removing or disabling add-ins which were not installed as part of the OS installation. I took a look and found these add-ins active in Outlook:

Adobe Contribute Plugin
Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging
Microsoft Office Groove Proxy for Outlook Add-in
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Colleague Import Add-in
Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service
OneNote Notes about Outlook Items
Outlook Change Notifier
Windows Search Email Indexer

I think Change Notifier is associated with Apple, but not sure if it's either Quicktime or iTunes. I have to assume the Adobe one is for Photoshop, Reader, or FlashPlayer. I'd like to find out for sure where these all come from and whether I lose anything if I decide to disable any of them.

BTW, I did disable Change Notifier and it did seem to fix the data file problem on opening Outlook, but I still would like to know about the rest of these.

Hi Drew. I could not find an Add-in Manager under either Tools or Help, so I went into the Trust Center again and took a closer look at each add-in. The only ones that did not have a path to MS Office or Windows\system were the Adobe add-in (which in fact is associated with Creative Suite 3) and the Change Notifier (iTunes). Since the problem seems to have gone away with the disabling of the iTunes add-in I'm hoping that really did the trick. Thanks.

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