which browser on win7 x64?


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i just wondered which browser people prefer on windows 7 x64,do you use a 64 bit browser or not....i use minefield 3.6 with 2 addons adblock and downloadhelper......i also use ie8 32bit for watching flash videos....i do like the speed of chrome but it doesnt have adblock,you can use privoxy to do the same job but sometimes it doesnt work very well blocking the wrong things.


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I use Chrome and Safari. I removed IE8 as it's a PoS, and I'm sick of Firefox crashing.
I've tried 64-Bit FF and Minefield, and think they both suck.


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Ive been using Chrome. Tried Safari and its nice and fast, although I prefer the look and feel of Chrome, which I feel is a lot faster than Firefox and IE8.


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I really don't mind IE8 (Yes I know it's IE, but it has come along way from IE6 and even IE7). I also use Safari and I've recently been introduced to Chrome and thus far I have to say it's impressing me.. ;)


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I'm using Firefox 3.5 beta4. I love the AdBlock and NoScript extensions. When I go to a web page I'm in control of my browser not them. Java scripts don't run unless I want to allow them. Plus I never look at ads unless I happen to be shopping online.

I don't use 64 bit browsers because there is no 64 bit Flash. I never could make Opera Look like I wanted it to. It's interface is a little cluttered for my taste. Chrome will probably never allow us to block ads because Google is all about advertising. Maybe Safari is cool. I don't know. I haven't tried it since the first Windows version years ago. That was too slow.

Maybe the other browsers are a little faster but I tried most of them and I don't like them. I love Firefox and it's extensions.


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I mainly use chrome but firefox is there for awkward sites that don't think chrome exists :)