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Windows 8 Who or Where


Mar 25, 2006
Who or where??? Getting Safe Mode for Windows 8 was being discussed earlier today (4/3/12)... Please, help, if you can... I have something for that thread but, I can't find thread, again.

One way is Run and MSCONFIG then select Boot Tab and Safe Boot. You have to remember to change it back. I don't know what key to tap on boot.
Joe, you're on the right track...

> msconfig, check Safe Boot box & don't check "Make Settings Permanent" box.
Will now restart into Safe Mode. Before leaving Safe, could > msconfig, will see Safe Boot is not checked. But, will leave Safe & Reboot to Normal Mode. Now > msconfig, Safe Boot is unchecked... all by not checking "Make Permanent" box.
Just go check the Safe Boot box (only), again, the next time Safe Mode is wanted. Nothing more required.

Link Removed

I have swapped my MBR/boot manager back to the old Windows 7 one, so cannot experiment but, can you not select safe mode from the new boot manager? I know one rather brutal method (I did it by accident!) is to just switch off the computer midstream. What about the F8 key, does that do the trick?

W/out me babbling or sending you to URLs...

Do, Shift + F8 @ Boot-up, same moment/spot as expected & accustom and check out the ensuing items.

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Sorry, but what are you saying? isn't that what I queried, although I was not in a position to try it.
So why is there a Query at all? I don't see anything dramatically different in getting into Windows 8 safe mode?
Look back @ the OP of this thread, it'll all make sense.

Who or where??? Getting Safe Mode for Windows 8 was being discussed earlier today (4/3/12)... Please, help, if you can... I have something for that thread but, I can't find thread, again.

This may be the thread you are referring to. http://windows8forums.com/windows-8-system-recovery-restore/5314-all-lost.html#post6227
I pointed to this TechNet article for adding Safe Mode to the Windows 8 boot menu Enabling Safe Mode in Windows 8 Developer Preview - Knock, knock! Who's there? - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
Have you been able to get the "Hold Shift + F8" method to work reliably for you. It seems to work sometime and sometime not so much. As mentioned here Link Removed
Not sure if my problem is with my laptop's keyboard or with my own timing.
Yes, Randy, that is/was the thread. I put my W8 into Safe by setting it in msconfig. As for the Shift + F8 I can't get it due to my dual-boot set-up... I don't get the right opportunity @ the right time. Once it gets to the W8 or W7 choice, that's too late or far... ergo, I dunno how well Shift + F8 goes. I know on some machines trying to hit F8 right can be challenging, to say the least.

Seems like, by now, any info I had is already there & all the same as what you & I have put here. Guess we have redundant threads, now, again.

Guess we have redundant threads, now, again.
Actually I don't see an issue with redundancy. Maybe if we repeat stuff often enough someone will read it somewhere. Who knows maybe even some of it will actually prove to be true and accurate. :friendly_wink:
LMAO!! :highly_amused: Yeah, alright... maybe there is some sense of hope, eh?
I don't know why they made it so complicated to get into safe mode. It seems like they've done that with a lot of things people need access to. Things like the hidden login screen and shutdown for instance. It's pretty bad when you have to do a web search to find out how to shutdown since they removed that from the task manager.
Agreed Joe.
While I like to stay upbeat and positive and offer criticisms that are of some value, I have to say that Microsoft may have over-reached a bit with this new OS.
Now I know it's suppose to be a smaller kernel, more efficient APIs, and faster this and feature rich that but I think it would have been nice if they would have ported those nice robust under the hood type upgrades to Windows 7 Sp2 (which they may still do who knows) and offered all these new metro changes as an optional upgrade.
As it stands now they may see a lot of people "Vista-ing" (new adverb/adjective) this upgrade and Manufacturers like Dell and HP, etc., having to offer Windows7 OS downgrades to satisfy business customers who are probably just now beginning to financially heal from a Windows 7 overhaul.
Can you imagine training a building full of users who are just getting used to Windows 7 a new OS where almost nothing is where it used to be.
I know I personally completely ignored the Vista OS and stayed with XP until Windows 7 became available. As a result the learning curve was a little bit steeper but I managed to suffer through it.
I will definitely continue exploring Windows8 but I wonder, when it comes time to actually shell out the money to update to the RTM if there is going to be enough bang for my buck to convince me that the upgrade is actually worth it.
I can only imagine the screaming when business gets a good look at it. A lot of computer users aren't really very computer literate to start with. A lot work with a computer but only use a limited number of apps. I'm retired now I was a heavy machinist and a lot of the people in the shops had trouble entering their times if they couldn't scan it in. There was only one other guy in the area that I worked in that could navigate through the company website to blueprints. It was needed fairly often because the copy we had wasn't clear. This computer is just over 3 years old so I doubt I'll update it to Windows 8 I'll wait until I get a new one. You have to wonder why MS is so obsessed with cramming this down the user's throat. You keep hearing touch screen being mentioned. Who wants to sit that close to a big monitor or monitors full of finger prints?
I'm glad Touch is optional... Personally, on a desktop environment, @ my desk, I wouldn't care for it.

I can't agree the 'shut down' is all that 'hidden' or hard to find or hard to access. There are 2 or 3 ways that come to mind instantly.

WinKey + I

Popping out Charms & hitting Settings

& more.

All previous kidding aside, the Start-up to Desktop is all good. Start is right there @ WinKey or bottom-left for any one want. I do find, between the Desktop, W/ Pinning to Taskbar & Quick Launch, the Rt Clk or WinKey + X Menu & WinKey + Q, going to Start is not often necessary.

Also, @ the top-left, Snapping Apps is appealing… to have 1 or 2 as a side panel, @ the same time, but, yet, not interfering w/ Desktop, is just super.

You guys certainly raise valid points. There, definitely will be a learning curve w/ this 1. It will be interesting to see the response & how ppl & environments, vary in regard to the learning curve. Aside from offering the Beta to beta-testers, the rational is two-fold to offering it well in advance, pre-GA to everyone. 1 it affords an opportunity for that learning curve before purchase availability & 2 (2 least in the hopeful mind of MS), gives ppl an opportunity & time, after getting to know it, to like it & get hooked on it before purchase availability. Be interesting to see how it plays out, over the forthcoming months. Sure going to be a challenge & moment for IT Pros to rise to the occasion.