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Windows 8 Why can't I get my profile picture to show?


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Microsoft Community Contributor
May 25, 2009

I've been trying to get my profile picture to show.
It's the same one that I use on the Windows 7 forum.

If I look in settings I can see it in the Edit Profile Picture window.
But it doesn't show up in the forum.

Another question, does the profile picture option support animated gifs?

I used to make a lot of these that I used on various game forums etc.

You want your picture to show as an avatar on the threads or just in your profile area?
On the threads as I have it on the Windows 7 forums.
same as you are using the Windows 8 logo.

Ok I just realized the difference between Profile Picture and Avatar. LOL

I still can't get it to work though, it seems that they have reduced the size limitation.
My 64k file is too large to use either by upload or from a online site.


As you can see I made it very tiny and it will now show.
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Ok I just realized the difference between Profile Picture and Avatar. LOL


I don't know what has happened to the size limit, but I had some problems with it to.
Please change it back, now! Sorry just kidding, LOL! I just had to say it Mike.
Well one of these days I'll take a new picture. LOL
I've used this one for years, I actually look better now (getting better with age) yeah right!
Don't we all? I changed my Avatar from my picture to something more potable, LOL!