Why i cant extend C partition??


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I have a problema when making a bigger C partition (where i have win7). I get free space but i cant then use to expand C.

I have win 7 , ultimate, 64 bits
Im trying to do with paragon partition manager, from program and from cd boot maked from this program.

This is my start configuration: captura.jpg

I obviusly want to extend C partition, shrinking D partition. I dont want to format or to backup all D partition.

Fist attemp:
I shrink d: partition, getting enough free gigabytes to right of d: partition. But when i try to expand c partition, program doenst "see" free space. Well, i think that to extend c:, free space must be just right to c: not right to d: partition; but imnot sure of this.

Second attemp:
I make a new partition from d: (i get d and e)
I make a partition backup from d into the new partition e
I erase d:.. in this moment i have a lot of gigabytes free just to the "right" of C:
But again when i try to extend c: program doesnt see free space

What im making wrong?:(


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You need to have continuous space to the right of the C: partition, which I do not think Windows will do. Since D: is a logical partition, you may have to change the extended partition that contains it, but not sure.

You might want to download Partition Wizard, burn it to a CD and boot to it to change the partitions. Anytime you change partitions, you have a chance of messing up your system. Maybe use Partition Wizard to move and shrink the D: partition then Windows to extend C: , but up to you.


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I finally do it :D. The problem was that my free space was inside the extended partition. Then, when i tried to expand C: partition, system didnt saw free space(free space was right to C)

Solution, resize extended partition (not only logical partition). Doing this free space get out of extended partition, so, when i expand C partition, then system at last saw free space.

Thxs for helping
pd: im sorry for my english

To extend a partition with Microsoft Disk Management, you need to have unallocated space to the immediate right of the partition you're going to extend. In your case, you needed to delete D: to get unallocated space first, and only then you could extend your C: with this unallocated space.

A good tutorial for this operation can be found here.

Please note you do not loose data on the partition you're extending, but you loose all data on the partition which you delete.


A freeware alternative to Disk Management:

Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. EASEUS free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.

How to free extend system partition, enlarge or extend C: drive partition under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008?

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