Why it may be a GOOD idea to partition a drive.


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If you have visited my web page or read my blogs and messages, you'll probably know that I stongly discourage using partitions on a hard drive... mainly because if the partition table gets corrupt you lose EVERYTHING. However, check out this:

Why it may be a GOOD idea to partition a drive.
Simple answer: Because you can HIDE a partition easily and unless you know it's there no one would guess how to bring it back. Here is how to hide the partition: (Assumes you already have a partition.) Don't include quotes.
WARNING: Do not do this to a SYSTEM drive or BOOT partition.

1. Run "Diskpart" from a command prompt. It will take you into the diskpart program.
2. type and enter "list volume"
Suppose you have a partition F, it will show as NTFS format and be labeled PARTITION and is volume 3
3. type and enter "select volume 3"
4. type and enter "remove letter F"
Reboot and you won't see the partition listed.
To recover volume letter F follow the 3 steps above then
Partitioning a HDD makes nothing but sense! Sure, it can become corrupt and you lose everything but it can also become corrupt and you not lose everything. ;) It's no different than if you didn't partition the drive and the drive breaks or gets bricked. You still lose everything in that case too.. So why not partition and reap the benefits of it.. ;)
I apologize if you took my post out of context but I can assure you that this was in no way a personal attack.. I was simply stating my opinion on partitioning HDD's.. :) I never said you had to agree with me.. That's what a forum is all about, the exchange of opinion's and ideas.. :)