VIDEO Why Traveling at the Speed Of Light Is a Bad Idea

the really big problem with 'speed of light' chats is that we now know its bullshit... there are objects which travel faster than light [several times faster] and we now have the powers that be saying ok yes you CAN travel faster but you still can't speed up to the speed of light it self i.e, things traveling faster must have started out that way [by magic?] and didn't ever go slower than lightspeed which is just a silly way of saying 'we don't know'

fact = things travel faster than speed of light
we assume this must be because of blackholes but we don't know for sure and its not something we can test from here

fact = no wormholes are known to be real i.e, proved by science
we assume that they do because it answers some of the questions about the things we see in the night sky and know to be real but at the end of the day its just something we think could be the right answer
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