Windows 8 Why Windows 8 pro in my pc don't geotag me??

Dec 2, 2012
Hello i have windows 8 pro purchased yesterday, all fine! But if i go to in chrome browser or internet explorer and i try write a tweet with geo tagging, is geo tagging is not available shows me error... Don't detect my position automatic...:( in windows 7 in any browser no problems... in any app of weather in windows 8 or google maps web...the don't recognize my position automatic...its a bug of windows 8? If i try the same in my iphone or ipad which both are in the same wifi network in my home..the geotag auto works fine!! I think which is not my router problem and only windows 8 problem...Please twitter is geotag ON and windows configuartion too...What is the error??Please answer!


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Sep 20, 2011
There might be a setting wrong in your PC locations. This MS article explains how to check to ensure your location is turned on.
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