Windows 10 Wi-fi connection stability issue (Windows 10)


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Around past 1 ~ 2 weeks, the wi-fi connection showned a instability sometimes. It's more noticeable while I'm playing some games like League of Legends, Counter Strike or seeing a livestream, and then the wi-fi connection falls for a few seconds and comes back with a high latency. I recorded a video that shows this problem

My Windows version is 21H2

This is the list of things that I did to try to fix this problem, but anything solved the issue:
-Restarted the PC
-Updated all network drivers in my PC;
-Ran the Windows Network Diagnostics;
-Updated the windows
-Network Reset toll
-Turned off the antivirus

Does anyone have an advice that can help me solving this problem?
the way you test it is wifi and not just your system is to use a cable instead... if the drop outs keep happening then the actual issue is your system