Wifi Range Extender software or Using another Wifi Router?

Hi, I'm looking into getting something to help boost Wifi coverage around the house. My friend recommend this software: My WIFI Router( mywifirouter.me/features/), it said it can extend the range of your home or office Wi-Fi with just a few clicks. How do you think about such Wifi Range Extender software? or should I buy aother wifi router? Thank you in advance.

The only way to extend the wifi coverage is to have a bigger antenna to boost signal strength or have multiple wifi access points to cover dead areas. The easiest way is to buy a wifi access point which can be a bit pricy or you can use another wifi router and DWRT software and convert it to a wifi repeater. It's less expensive but does involve a little DIY work.


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Extenders don't "boost" coverage. It only extends the reach but cuts the bandwidth into half. The extender itself is also a network client that uses the signal and then throw it back.
Get a pair of powerline adapters and add an access point where you have a dead/weak spot.

Btw, I noticed that this question is always being asked by a new forum user. Endorsing?


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Is your current router 802.11n? If not I would suggest you upgrade your router. That alone will greatly improve your coverage.

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