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Is there not a way for some one to block this from reposting the same about this software. It's the same content only reworded and if anybody does any checking on the email address and the IP address can clearly see that there is a known association with what's being reported. Here are some links.....




This guy has about 3 - 5 post like this every day....can you not block his IP address on a permanent basis.
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I don't know but think it is the same one you are talking about. Just left another comment what seems to want to have people look at his page. I might be wrong but don't think so.


I thinks that's OK....it's a blog about explaining the differences between GPT and MBR...a reference page if you will. Kind of like Wikipedia. That's just my opinion....can't hurt to have an admin look at it. Pass it on to the admins if you like Sonny...to get an official judgement.
No problem, I just noticed earlier in time he was posting about muscle building or something. Any way it had nothing to do that I could see with computers.
I warned the user yesterday about posting such threads... User banned. Also the recent spammers we've had issues with re body building posts have had their IP's banned although i doubt very much that will stop them.

May I also remind members that using foul language is not welcomed and against forum rules.
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If I remember correctly you were once in a position to do something about it yourself but was seen exiting stage left muttering 'I'm done with this forum'...

I admire the passion but just leave out the foul language.